Life at CCAI

        Perks of Working with Us

We love working with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) and we are sure that you will too.  Based on our job requirements, we are equipped with cutting edge technology and tools to get through daily activities, among others are tablet, handset devices, and access to a world class system you may have never seen before.

At CCAI, we value our employees as our number one asset, we believe there is nothing more important than the safety and the wellbeing of our employees. Our Human Resources team works with everyone to ensure that you get the appropriate supports, including health protection, to be productive while maintaining an active-healthy and work-life balance lifestyle. There have been countless fun and engaging activities organized for our employees and their family to support this lifestyle. All of our employees are also entitled to annual leave based on agreement.

The next best thing is you get to enjoy your favorite beverage products in office or to take home from our large portfolio choices which includes 13 world renowned brands, from Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Frestea, Minute Maid, Aquarius, Ades, Nutriboost, Schweppes, to A&W.

        People Development

To attract and retain the best talents, we acknowledge the importance of investing in employee development. We empower our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform effectively and to make the best of their expertise. Training and development programs begin on the employee’s first day and continue throughout their careers with CCAI.

Since 2011, we have conducted more than 80,000 training days for all of our employees across Indonesia. We help to ensure every employee is fully armed to perform at their highest potential, because we believe investing on competencies not only benefit our employees, but also our company, stakeholders, and investors.

        Workplace Engagement

As a company with more than 12,000 employees, we want to ensure that every employee has equal access to information regarding the business, to be aware of what is happening inside the company, and to see how their individual roles can contribute to the company’s vision.

We uphold the values of being straightforward and creating an open communication as diverse as the markets we serve, where people are inspired to create results.